Digital wound care

How to cover the full patient pathway in wound-care?

The wound care concept was developed in 2019 in co-operation with Wound Clinic a subsidiary of B.Braun. It is now used by hospitals, private clinics, emergency rooms, nursing homes, home nurses and family doctors for managing acute or chronic wounds in various stages of treatment. The digital tools for wound care now enable highly interdisciplinary outcome-based management of wounds.

The wound management concept helps wound specialists to document wounds, follow treatment progress and generate wound-care treatment plans for patients.

With unique cross-care functionality, it enables to manage wound care across care levels and between different providers.

Interdisciplinary wound care is important, because it brings together multiple healthcare disciplines to provide comprehensive and coordinated care for patients with wounds.

It also allows for better communication and collaboration among healthcare providers, which can improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of complications.

Additionally, interdisciplinary wound care can help to optimize the use of resources and reduce healthcare costs.

Good fit for:

  • GP-practices
  • Nursing homes
  • Home nurses
  • Nursing and surgery departments
  • All wound specialists

Plan a demo to see all the functionalities and use-cases of the software in action.

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