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Psoriasis monitoring

How to prevent co-morbidities via value-based remote monitoring?

Psoriasis management modules was built on the premise of value-based care. Together with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and Tartu University Hospital the pathway, reimbursement model and core software functionalities were built in 2021 and piloted in a multi-site clinical study involving 7 health care providers across the country at primary and specialist care levels. Extra focus was put on care outcomes. The clinical study results will be published in 2023, while development is continuing towards an MDR-certified DTx.

Remote monitoring of body-surface conditions leverages all the user-friendly functionalities of Dermtest's core and much more.

As a doctor you can onboard a patient with psoriasis (or any other chronic skin condition) to a monitoring pathway, which includes scheduled questionnaires and visual PROMs of the condition's progression.

Psoriasis is the first monitoring use-case, but the solution also enables monitoring of other body-surface conditions.

Good fit for:

  • Value-based care implementors
  • GP-practices
  • Hospital dermtology departments
  • Wide health networks

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